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Many people say that having an outdoor space in your house might become two kind of things; a beautiful, pretty spaces, or a big mess. One of the key of having a great outdoor spaces in your house is choosing the suitable furnitures.

Here is the tips on how to choose your own suitable outdoor furnitures, based on gq.com:

1. Mobility
Make sure that you know what are you want to do with your space, and how is your outdoor condition. One of the best thing to choose is a mobile furnitures, for instance, a movable pool chair. You can always move it everywhere, since it has wheels and it won’t be heavy at all.

2. Rest easy
Choose your perfect lounge chair with the right features, the comfy one for the pool, and make sure everybody gets a space in your outdoor spaces.

3. Cushions
Don’t let the cushions ruin the big part, but cushions themselves, are important. Make sure they are made with outdoor fabric, or quick dry fabric, and have waterproof/ water resistant feature.

4. Avoid matchy matchy
In fact, matching things are not always the best choice. Experiment with your element, and use different material, colors, texture, and see the difference! Try glass with wood, or marble with metal!