Regency PVC, A Brief History Of Synthetic Leather

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Nowadays, PVC also known as synthetic leather usage is essential. Synthetic leather is already used for a long time as a great material for fashion, interior or outdoor design. However, a little information about the origin of this fantastic item especially related in when it’s the first time they were developed, used and become popular as we can see it today. So, this article will discuss about the brief story about PVC. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is a chlorine and ethylene compound used to make an odorless, solid plastic. Polyvinyl chloride was the first type of fake leather to be created in 1920s, and it was the type of material that manufacturers of those years needed because it was stronger and more resistant to the weather elements than the materials they were using then. Because of these useful features, many people started using PVC instead of metal even though it was criticized as being “too sticky” in extreme temperatures. This led to the invention of another type of artificial leather, which had pores in 1970s. These alterations made fake leather an alternative to traditional fabrics because it was easy to clean, not absorbent and provided a stain-resistant couch covering. In addition, even today it fades at a slower rate even after a long exposure to sunlight than the traditional upholstery. PVC is a versatile plastic that can be used to make hundreds of products. As the time goes on, PVC leather can be produced in different thickness, with different design and colors upon to customers’ like, they are able to be as soft or rigid as customer like. With their fabulous features such as waterproof, elastic, anti-Mildew and abrasionresistant, PVC is very popular to be used for sofa, furniture, bag, car seat, upholstery line and decorations.