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We all want to have an excellent design of our interior at home such as cushion and sofa. In term of decorating our interior, there are a lot of materials which can be used and selecting the right fabric material is one of them. The common problem is, we are confused with many types of fabric materials available at stores. In this chance, we will help you to know the types of fabric material suitable for all your needs. 1. Cotton Cotton is the most popular choice as the number one fabric material for interior design. This material is made from woven fabric. The price is also affordable and available in various colors and motives. 2. Polyester The second popular fabric material on the list is polyester. This material is known for its long durability because it has low water absorption and easy to fold. 3. Linen The next popular fabric material is linen. This fabric material has low water absorption which makes Linen is available motiveless. Linen also is known for its delicate material. 4. Nylon Nylon is the fourth popular fabric material on the list. Waterproof, hard to be torn apart and long durability makes Nylon as the choice for cushion and other home furniture. 5. Leather The leather is the natural material which is produced from animal leather. You can choose this material to give elegant nuance into your interior design or home appliances. If you are allergic to leather material, you can also choose semi-leather as an alternative. 6. Chenille Chenille is the well-known fabric material at this time. The fabric texture is similar with corduroy. Chenille is also well known as the ultra delicate fabric material. That is the six most popular fabric material today, we hope you have many inspirations for your interior design and also help you to determine the right fabric material. If you still have trouble to choose the perfect fabric material, you can discuss it with the store keeper and make sure you know what kind of fabric material that you really want.