Velvet, the Most Timeless Fabric Types

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Velvet has been popular in Indonesia since 1980s. It is not only known for its beauty but also for its warmth. In the past, people used to wear velvet as basic fabric for their traditional clothes. Nowadays, velvet is popular to be used in interior decoration because of its texture. Velvet is heavy enough to hang elegantly conforming to curves and falling gracefully over corners. The most immediately striking feature of velvet is its rich coloring. The play between light and shadows created by the pile make for remarkably intense colors; even from a distance, it looks sensual and tempting. Velvet is a dense fabric of silk pile. It is woven as double cloth. It is made up of one set of filing thread and two sets of wrap threads. These two wrap threads are woven on two pieces of cloth at same time in a special looms. Blades cut into two pieces of cloth along the wrap. As the two pieces are separated they are rolled out separately. This is called pile cloth. The ends of threads in this pile cloth are sticking and forms a soft pile. Though initially it was made from silk which made it very expensive. Regency provides with large option of velvet collection such as DA VINCI, MOZART, VELLOZ, FEIVELL, MALONE, and AYANA. All of these velvet fabric is completed with various features in each product to make you feel satisfy by its uniqueness like texture, pattern, softness, and color. Washing velvet is not recommendable because it can damage the textures. Velvet has to be dry cleaned. If you get small stains, gently remove the stains with a damp cloth. Wet the cloth in warm water and rub on that stains gently. Don’t rub the cloth too hard as it may damage the cloth. Dab the fabric until it is dry. Repeat the process until the stain are removed.