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Commercial Heavy-Duty Performance Fabric

For commercial needs such as offices, cinemas, etc. our special team is ready to collaborate with you to meet your fabric needs for your projects



Woven commercial products are slightly different in design and performance, better performance compared to home interior fabric because it will be used in places with high traffic, so the abrasion resistance must be better than that of the home interior fabric.


Its products, such as breathable mesh office chair fabrics, offer comfort and are cooler.


Regency provides velvet fabric with a modern look with extra protection so you don’t have to worry about using it in public spaces.

Synthetic Leather

We prioritize durability and your comfort when designing all Regency synthetic leather products.

Special Treatment

We provide various types of additional protection for your interior needs:

  • Plasmatech liquid: water repellent protection against splashes and splashes
  • Plasmatech graffiti: easy to clean from crayon & pencil stains
  • Plasmatech inferno : actively slows down spreads of fire
  • Plasmatech submarine : fully resistant to water penetration
  • Plasmatech guardian: inhibits the growth of bacteria and microbes

Special Yarn

Flame Retardant yarn makes the fabric more resistant to fire, which does not spread to the material. The difference is plasmatech’s inferno treatment; this FR feature is built from the thread; plasmatech’s inferno is ordinary cloth with extra surface coating.