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Premium Interior Fabric

REGENCY has always been celebrating unity and openness. REGENCY believes that every piece of fabric they produce is a work of a whole and enriches the engagement of everyone, from engineers to customers.

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Regency provides high quality interior woven fabrics which have been exported to various countries in the world. All of our woven fabrics are produced to maintain international standards.


We continue to innovate to create attractive and unique printed fabric designs for your room, from printed canvas to printed velvet.


Regency provides everything from classic to modern velvet fabrics with attention to comfort and aesthetics.

Synthetic Leather

PVC-based synthetic leather produced at Regency has used the latest technology, so it is safe and does not contain chemical compounds harmful to your health.

Special Treatment

We provide various types of additional protection for your interior needs:

  • Plasmatech liquid: water repellent protection against splashes and splashes
  • Plasmatech graffiti: easy to clean from crayon & pencil stains
  • Plasmatech inferno : actively slows down spreads of fire
  • Plasmatech submarine : fully resistant to water penetration
  • Plasmatech guardian: inhibits the growth of bacteria and microbes

Luxurious Hotels and Resorts fabric

Tiffani Casa Moda prioritizes a luxurious appearance without forgetting the technical side of the fabric itself; we have been trusted by many well-known brands worldwide to provide extra comfort and protection in their rooms.


Elegant design, comfort and feeling secure are what we offer for the woven fabrics provided by Tiffani Casa Moda.


Tiffani provides velvet fabric with a modern and elegant look with extra protection so you don’t have to worry about using it in public spaces.

Synthetic Leather

We prioritize durability and your comfort when designing all Tiffani Casa Moda synthetic leather products.

Stain Resistance Technology

Originating from the need for use in public rooms, which are very susceptible to stains and reduce the aesthetic side, all Tiffani Casa Moda products are embedded with the Stain Resistance Technology feature that gives your furniture extra life against natural stains such as coffee and wine spills.